How to create new project

If you want to start new project based on django-starter, fallow these steps:

  1. Get copy of django-starter and rename django-starter folder name to name of your new project (here I will use my-new-project name):

    hg clone my-new-project

    All commands in following steps must be executed from my-new-project folder, so change you current working directory to my-new-project:

    cd my-new-project
  2. Then you need to make some cleaning:

    ./ helper script cleans all django-starter related files like README.rst, LICENCE.txt, docs and etc. Your project probably will used different licence, docs and etc. script also removes it self.

That’s all! Continue reading Running your project.

Running your project

To be able to run your project, first you need to make sure, that all required packages are installed on your system. You can easily do this using helper tools: make setup-<your system name>. Example:

make setup-ubuntu

This command automatically installs all needed packages, thus required you to enter root password. This is single place, where you need root password, all other commands must be executed with you home use permissions.

When all requirements are installed you can run your project with single command:

make run

This command checks your environment, downloads all needed dependencies and finally starts development server.

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